Indian goods

Indian Textile goods — clothing and fabrics

India is famous all over the world for textile goods. Therefore, buying traditional saris, salvar kameez, stoles or modern models of Indian clothing, you can be sure of the highest quality of fabric. This also applies to decorative bedspreads, carpets, pillows.

Modern Clothing and Accessories from India

Fabulous saree from the catalog

Pleasant to the touch cotton, delicate silk, luxurious brocade are always painted in rich colors and fascinate with unusual patterns, elegant embroidery. Most often it is painstaking manual work, so it is almost impossible to find two completely identical Indian products. And all this splendor pleases with the breadth of the assortment — it seems that the imagination of local craftsmen is truly inexhaustible!

Round Indian Bedspreads

Indian Goods
Wool Nepalese plaid will keep you warm in the cold

Authentic Indian jewelry

The first thing that attracts every woman in all the abundance of goods is handmade Indian jewelry. Placers of all kinds of bracelets made of metal and silver, with and without coinage, attract the eye. Having tried on the earrings, you will no longer want to take them off, because a special shine immediately appears in your eyes, which echoes the shine of natural stones.

Flash tattoos are perfectly combined with Indian jewelry

Such Indian goods as pendants, pendants, rings and necklaces instantly captivate with their uniqueness and oriental flavor. Real wealth will “settle” in your jewelry box, which, by the way, you can buy without visiting India.

Original Indian jewelry in our catalog

Ayurvedic Cosmetics from India
Describing products from India, it is impossible not to mention Ayurvedic cosmetics, It is famous for its effectiveness and natural ingredients. Oil infusions on herbs can be used for both hair and face. They are made from Aloe, Neem, Turmeric, Amla, Tulasi — plants whose ability to multiply beauty has been tested for centuries.

Henna for mehendi is a popular Indian product

Henna is especially popular among Indian beauty products, because it is used instead of chemical hair dyes, as well as for mehendi — body drawings. And toothpaste according to Ayurveda recipes can be safely called a must-have, because it is a wonderful care for the entire oral cavity. Do not forget about such a purely Indian product as incense sticks — they can become a nice little gift for yourself or a loved one.

Indian henna for hair — amazing result

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